“Come to Temiorae, a citizen's shelter where the culture of Daejeon blooms!”

Welcome to Temiorae.

Temiorae is the only government cousin in the country where the former governor of Chungcheongnam-do stayed.
It is also a place where you can see a variety of architectural styles as a space of historical and cultural coexistence between modern and contemporary, centered on the building built in the 1930s.

'Temiorae', the new name for the old Chungnam governor's cousin, was decided through a public offering. Temiorae, who opened the iron gate of the firmly closed official building and returned to the citizens' arms, opened in April 2019. Together with citizens, various exhibition programs by government office, domestic and overseas exchange residency programs, and local community literary programs are operated. In addition, you can enjoy the Plple Market on the alley and the Olé Art Festival, a unique Temiorae festival.
We will do our best to establish Temiorae as a base for revitalizing citizens' history, culture and arts, and local communities. We look forward to your love and interest.

-Mi-jeong Kim, Chief of Temiorae